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Mockup image of Ashley K Photography logo and brand blueprint

The Driftwood Creative Branding Process

March 6, 2023

Discovering your brand is a deeply personal process.

Your brand defines your connection to your customer and the value your work brings to the world. In short, your brand is the framework of your business, an extension of yourself.

When many people think of branding, they think of the prominent visual elements of a brand’s marketing materials, like logos or color schemes. But a brand is so much more than design. Your brand is the story your share with the world. Our holistic approach to branding imagines and clarifies your brand story, visuals, and messaging for a complete and compelling brand identity. 

No matter the client or industry, our branding process leads with “why” – why you exist, why your customer needs you, and why anyone should care. By starting with the “why” of your brand, we first identify the values that guide your business and how to reach your customers in meaningful ways. After this all-important brand foundation is built, we get to work crafting your messaging and aesthetic.

By the time our branding process is complete, you can walk away with a complete and compelling brand identity that covers your brand foundations, messaging, visuals, and more.

Mockup image of Ashley K Photography logo and brand blueprint

And because I run on equal parts creativity and structure, I’ve developed a streamlined, systemized process for crafting your new brand. Here’s an inside look at the steps and phases of our comprehensive branding process:



  • Consultation – We connect on a call to discuss your goals and see if we are a good fit for a partnership.
  • Proposal – After our chat, I send a proposal for your review and consideration.
  • Contract – If you’re ready to partner with me and invest in your business, you submit the contract and the initial deposit to save your spot on my calendar.
  • Questionnaire – I send an in-depth questionnaire to kick things off. Once you complete the questionnaire, we schedule our Brand Discovery Session.



  • Brand Discovery Session – We collaborate to define the basics of your brand, identifying your mission, core values, ideal customer, and unique attributes.
  • Initial Concepts – I synthesize the ideas from our session to create 2-3 initial brand concepts. These are presented as mood boards that include logos, fonts, colors, and basic messaging. 



  • Concept Selection – You choose your preferred brand concept, and we move on to design. 
  • Design Work – Following your selected brand concept, I craft your brand’s visual identity.
  • Brand Blueprint Draft – After crafting key messaging and copy, I draft an outline of your Brand Blueprint. This is an editable Google doc that we collaborate on in the next step.
  • Proofs – I send the Brand Blueprint draft for your review and feedback. 



  • Feedback – You thoroughly review your Brand Blueprint draft and provide feedback through comments and revision requests.
  • Refinements – I review the feedback and make adjustments as needed.
  • Final Approval – You review the revised Brand Blueprint draft and provide approval to complete your brand identity.
  • Brand Blueprint – I transform the Brand Blueprint draft into your new showcase-worthy brand guide (PDF).



  • File Preparation – I prepare your logo files and other brand assets for delivery.
  • Final Invoice – I send the final invoice for your review and payment.
  • File Delivery – Once payment is received, your new brand identity is delivered digitally. 
  • Cheers – We connect for a celebratory drink or coffee and dream up future partnership opportunities. 


Curious? I’d LOVE to connect on a quick call to learn more about your brand goals and how I can help get you there. Send me a line here anytime.

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